What I Learned in my 40’s, and taking forward….

So I’m bleeding into May with this post (sooo blatantly), as I let my April get away from me. So… that does lead to what I’m taking with me going forward… And I think it is the continued appreciation of the amazing people I have in my life. More than ever, I am in awe, in gratitude, and in the presence of greatness for the people who have been, continue to be, and will be in the future a part of my story.

I was reminded of this as I spent the weekend at a quilting retreat with a dear friend from high school (we have known each other since 5th grade). My mom also joined us for a day of relaxation, peacefulness, whirring sewing machines, whooshing irons, laughter and visiting. (The pictures below are from this past weekend). I am so fortunate that I can share this love of quilting with so many friends, and it has helped introduce me to so many of my near and dear friends. And, to think that this friend from high school started quilting a few years ago with her daughter joining her. It is so cool that we can spend time together in this pursuit which we each developed at separate times, and yet found out after I moved back to Canada that we share this interest. So not only our past experiences together join us, but our present activities and future with that interest give us even more depth to our friendship. How lucky am I?

(We spent our weekend at Back To Nature Retreat – check them out Back to Nature Retreat – amazing place, wonderful hosts – totally recommend!!)

I have deeply missed the semi-annual quilting retreats I used to attend when I lived in Virginia. I still make a pilgrimage down for a retreat every few years (I haven’t been super consistent), but those friends that I made when I first moved to Virginia still welcome me warmly.

I have slowly found more kindred spirits here in Canada with different quilting activities. Some wonderful new friends that I can’t wait to see again at the next opportunity. Some other quilting friends that I knew before I left Canada, and have reconnected with since moving back.

I have such treasured memories of quilting with friends, both new and old, and I am looking forward to where that takes me in my future. Who wants to come along??