Where is the army of elves when you need them?

Oh yeah – I forgot to place my order for elves early enough. Lol. And, also had a bunch of bright ideas last minute for things to do for christmas.

I did get one thing done today – I made a fabric bin. Thinking it will be great to give gifts in….. Almost cat sized. The reason I reference that is that I stepped away from my cutting table a few times today, and it is covered with the ingredients for a few projects. The meditation pillows for instance. The tops are together, and I have to quilt them yet, and then piece everything together. Well…. this is what I saw when I rounded the corner this evening….

Then I have a number of the fabric bins cut out and the ingredients for them are at a different part of the table. Yup – cat butt print on those too….

So… I saw that Charles decided to put himself in self-imposed confinement…. just for a minute. Never a dull moment with that polydactyl fur face.

The projects I am making are both from Amy Butler patterns. The link for the meditation pillow is here: Now and Zen Pouf Amy Butler

The other project – the fabric bins – the link is here.Amy Butler Ultimate Storage Bin

Neither project is particularly difficult. The instructions are very clear. And well written. No complaints from me.

One of my final accomplishments of the day was the tree. I love getting the tree up. I could sit by the tree for hours and look at it and revel in the lights, and the magic of it.

One thought on “Where is the army of elves when you need them?”

  1. LOL! My Studio Supervisor (aka Miss Pookie-cat) leaves her fur everywhere…so I understand completely! Those bins look great! I have a couple of baskets that are falling apart, so might have to look into constructing one or two of those. Blessings for Christmas and the New Year!


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