Being an adult….

I was watching a TV show the other day, and one of the characters was asking the other when they had started feeling like an adult. Now I can recall, it was on “Big Bang Theory’ where Bernadette and Penny and Amy were talking about that subject.  Guess I get some of my best ideas from TV?  Wow, I digress.  

This TV discussion got me thinking about how I feel about being an adult, when I really felt like one, and how often I don’t want to be one.  Ha ha

That doesn’t mean that I would want to go backwards in time.  I just appreciate the innocence, the purity, and the goodness that children embody.  And how we all need to embrace our inner child more often.

This means I need to let myself play more often.  I have to allow the luxury of play without an agenda.  When was the last time you played for the sake of playing?  For the sake of laughter and enjoying the experience.  

It makes me want to go out and catch snowflakes on my tongue, (which I tried to do on the last walk I was out on with a good friend, but wasn’t fast enough) make snow angel, do a silly dance as I’m walking down the street, talk in a funny voice, make a goofy face, draw a funny picture.  Tell a joke that would send a 3 year old into hysterics, laugh at the absurdity of life.  

I want to do all of this more often.   Think I’ll set a timer on my phone to do this.  I’m exhausted from being an adult and taking myself and life too seriously. I want to remember what my younger self found fascinating about life, and what would engross me for hours.

Anyone else up for this?   This kinda relates to quilting.  I want to allow myself to play more.  I love colour, I just need to let it out.  

So who is going to join me?  Who wants to let their child out?  I think they need to!