Happy 2019!

So the new year is here. I brought it in gently and without too much abruptness or circumstance.

Lots of thought about what I want this year to encompass. And lots of planning to be done.

For now… enjoying the last day off in a succession of days off and looking forward to conquering 2019. What about you?

And I can say, I did blog (with some challenges) for 31 days in a row. Let’s see what I can do about 2019…..

Happy New Year!

So… I’m writing this prior to the official end of 2018…. going to be sucked into movies and such…. :-).

And, maybe a couple of glasses of vino….

I got to experience the last sunset of 2018. It was amazing. I love seeing the sky change colour before my eyes…. Did a last 2018 cross country ski in the river vallley – was awesome!

Did a bit of reflecting this afternoon, while knitting away. One project that I did not complete in 2018, but hopefully early in 2019. (See picture attached)….

Looking forward to what 2019 brings. I’m looking forward to what I can achieve in the quilting world. And the architecture world. Lots of things to do there….

Looking forward to going to Houston to the International Quilt Festival with my quilting sister. We have been talking about going for years….. and finally, we are just going to plan for it. I’m really excited about it. I have never been.

I’m hoping to enter some quilt challenges this upcoming year. Got a few other things in the hopper. Maybe some hiking. Definitely time with friends and family.

how to conquer the world? One piece of fabric at a time..

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe New Year’s! Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019 ahead. I know that not every day will be a happy one for any of us, but wishing you all the fortitude to make it through to the next one.

Hugs to everyone. So long 2018. You have brought me many things, including some wisdom.