Being present

This is a fun little quilt top that I created from leftovers from making several Aunties Two Bali Bags, and using my leftover corners for half square triangles.  :-)
This is a fun little quilt top that I created from leftovers from making several Aunties Two Bali Bags, and using my leftover corners for half square triangles. 🙂

I have been making a conscious effort to give myself permission to quilt more, to spend more time with people that quilt, and to spend more time with people that help “fill my well”.

THis is coming about for several reasons, the most significant one is that I want to be more “present”.  (I read something once that in being more present, you get your ego to take a backseat.)  I am generally a planner by nature – in my head at least – I plan how my day will go (and this can go askew, but it is a starting point).  If I am using a commercial quilt pattern to satisfy my quilting urges, I go through the directions, and quite often will “assembly line” this – I will do all of the cutting at first.  I then will often piece several different blocks, at once, and then do a group pressing, then back to the sewing machine, etc.  I rarely will try to complete one complete block at a time, but as a rule, am willing to wait to see the results.  And, in doing this planning, I am working towards my finished goal.  Am I necessarily “present” while I am doing all of the steps to the finished blocks?  Hmm- good question.  I tend to think I let my mind wander…..

I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday, and encouraging her to take some time in her crazy schedule to see more of her new niece.  In essence, I was trying to tell myself more than anything that I need to spend more time with the people that matter.  To enjoy the moment here and now.

And, I am lucky that in many cases, the people that matter to me enjoy quilting or enjoy if I share my work, my process, my inspiration, or in general are amazing support systems, and have been throughout my life.

I spent a weekend in Vermilion this month, where the guild members of Vermilion’s quilt guild are amazingly welcoming.  I have known several of its members for years, and am so lucky that one member is always willing to let me bunk at her house when their guild has a “Quilt Till You Wilt” weekend.  It helps fill my well of creativity when I am surrounded by similar souls, and I can see their amazing work unfold through the weekend.

At the beginning of April, my mom came up to Edmonton and joined me for a Ricky Tims day of lectures and an evening concert.  My mom quilts too and I am hoping that she enjoyed the day, and the bit of the break from the farm, as much as I did.  And I think we both enjoyed being present and in the moment during Ricky’s stories, which were amazing.  (I will try to add links in later – please forgive me for not being good at this yet.)

on Easter weekend, I met my mom at the Red Deer Quilt Show, where she and a friend toured around the show with me.  I also met up with the Western Canadian SAQA Rep, who lent me SAQA Trunk Show F to share with fellow quilters in several venues.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Edmonton and District Quilt Guild meeting, where I shared this Trunk Show, as well as listened to a wonderful speaker as part of their evening program.

I have been actively filling up my well with wonderful inspiration, and support by quilty people.  And, when I am surrounded by fabric, and incredible designs, I have no choice but to be present and revel in the moment.

I wish everyone a chance to do some revelling of their own.  Be in the moment with something or someone you love.