On the thirtieth day of December, my true quilt gave to me….

A finished quilt finally given to its rightful owners!  

Truth be told, It is over 1 1/2 years behind being completed.  I started this last year (2015).  I used a Tula Pink Pattern (Colour Blocks Tula Pink) and redrafted it a bit to fit a king sized bed.  The finish size is 8′ x 8′.  I give full credit to Tula Pink – It was a very fun pattern to put together.  

I laid everything out on the design wall as I was tutting it together.  

Here is one of the finished blocks before I put all the sections together.  

This is showing a detail of the binding.  

And the finished quilt!  Definitely interesting and I would lay the colours out a bit differently next time, but…. In the meantime – it’s fun.  I used my mom’s long arm to quilt it, and thank my mom for doing much of the quilting.  

What did I learn – I can make a king sized quilt – again.  (I have only made one kings sized quilt previously.).  I am getting to enjoy binding.  That’s a cool thing.  And, I still love colour..  Ha!  

I am happy to be closing the year off with having a project complete, and delivered!  What are you finishing off for the year?  

On the twenty-ninth day of December, my true quilt gave to me….

A quilt kit!  Another one that is done, but not bound.  I’m sensing a theme when I go through some of my projects in my UFO bin.  (UFO = UnFinished Object).  

I purchased this kit years ago, and put the top together at a quilt retreat I attended in Virginia.  I really can’t recall when I quilted it.  Hmm…  Silver moment perhaps?  I can say that.  I have a few grey hairs.  Lol

I enjoyed putting this kit together.  It is a colour scheme that I dont’ generally choose, but I really love the pattern.  Maybe I need to make it in another colour way.  Hmm…  

Hmm..  I have been using a couple of different binding techniques.  Maybe that is something I need to try with this quilt one of these evenings.  What do you think>

Hope you are having a great ending to 2016.

I am reflecting on 2016, and looking forward to the new year unfolding.  

On the twenty-eighth day of December, my true quilt gave to me….

Some dyed fun!  This is what I started working on Christmas Day, had rinsed out on Boxing Day, and washed and dried. 

The following two pictures show the two buckets I had going with all of my items I was dyeing.  

The next night, this is what the buckets looked like.  

And, the results are below.  I used some old linens, some new socks, even some underwear!  It’s super fun, and I love some of the effects.  

I really do enjoy dying clothing, fabric, all sorts of things.  The colours is what I love.  Makes my heart sing.  What have you done lately that made your heart sing?  

On the twenty-seventh day of December, my true quilt gave to me…

More frogs!  And a couple of flower baskets!  Lol.  Okay. They are all on quilt blocks. And the flower baskets are being sent off to a friend in Iowa.  

As I had noted yesterday, I promised to share some of the other things I was doing yesterday, and today!  One of the things I was doing was working on some more frog blocks.  I got the 4 inside frogs done.  I am loving these frogs!  

One of the other things I was doing, was getting together a couple of blocks to send to a friend in Iowa.  She just moved there from Virginia.  I was happy I was able to get together a couple of blocks to send her. 

I have really treasured some of this time getting some things done.  And, getting back to a couple of old projects!

I can say – one of the things I have learned – is you can go back to an old unfinished project, and love it even more when you are able to work on it again.  I do love the frogs.  I am really into bright colours, and I do love the frogs for that.  I am finding they are even more striking in a picture.  

My Christmas time off is precious for a number of reasons – for some great time with friends and family.  Some time being able to play.  I will share tomorrow some of the other things I have been playing with.  So fun!  I hope you are able to enjoy some of your Christmas / holiday time.  I would love to hear what things others are enjoying over this time of year.  

On Boxing Day, my true quilt gave to me….

A beautiful start to the day;  a fun day with family celebrating our Christmas.  Some of my later adventures of the day – I will share tomorrow.  

A beautiful start to the day.  Mom and I spent a lot of the morning preparing the feast.  It ended up being a beautiful sunny day.  

The big highlight of all of us getting together for Christmas is our annual tobogganing and sledding adventure out in Mom and Dad’s pasture.  All of us took a turn going down the hill on various sledding objects – including a calf sled!  The only person sitting out on all of the fun was my grandmother, who did join us, but sat in the comfort of a running vehicle while the rest of us got some fresh air.  It was a perfect day to be out enjoying the snow.  I even did a few snow angels, however my phone decided that it didn’t like the cold and I wasn’t able to take an pictures of that fun.  

So thankful that this tradition has actually been able to continue.  Both of my nieces and their boyfriends joined us, and encouraged us to do this.  Our family had celebrated my mom’s birthday last weekend, and discussed whether we wanted to do this again or not.  It was unanimous.  We all wanted to go tobogganing.  What fun!

I hope everyone had the opportunity to have a family tradition continue this holiday season!   I’ll get into my other adventures of the day in tomorrow’s blog.  

On Christmas Day, my true quilt gave to me….

To see some of my moms quilts.   Merry Christmas!

I am sharing some of my mom’s Christmas quilts.  I have shared previously shared some of mine.  It is always fun to come down to visit my family at Christmas time, and see some of the quilts laid out / hung up on display.  

The Santa is one of my favourites with his wonderful expression.  I have a similar one to do… In my “someday” pile.  I will not say how deep that pile is.  But, I have a few projects ahead of me. 

I hope everyone has had a safe and happy Christmas.  I know that this season is hard for some – and I send you hugs and well wishes.  My family is celebrating our Christmas tomorrow.  Today, I put together some more of those frogs (I’ll post pictures tomorrow) as well as did some snow dyeing.  And helped prepare for tomorrow’s feast.  All in a day’s work – right?

Wishing everyone a finish to 2016 that brings the good to light, the sadness behind, and a fresh year ahead.  Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, my true quilt gave to me…

Some frogs.  

Specifically, frog blocks that I was working on. 

I am down visiting my family for a few days for Christmas.  I brought with me a UFO (Un-Finished Object).  It was a quilt a had cut out years ago.  I brought it with me to retreat, and I only got one block done (see above).  This purple and green frog block was the first one I did.  I didn’t get any more made.  Until today.  

Looking at these colours made me happy today.  I love how fun the prints are together.  I got the corner blocks together.  Maybe tomorrow I will get the further inside blocks together.  (I’ll keep you posted on how they are coming together).  My family is celebrating the holiday together on Boxing Day, so I get to spend Christmas Day playing.  I have some dyeing supplies – I plan on doing some snow dyeing.  And some more quilting.  And maybe some card games with the folks.  A quiet pre-Christmas evening.  

I am thankful I get to do some of these fun things like quilting and dyeing, as well as thankful I can share them with family.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve, and have safely arrived at their destinations.  

Merry Christmas Eve!

On the twenty-third day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me…

A trip to Cirque du Soleil. 

I purchased tickets a couple of months ago, and thought this would be fun to see.  A good friend of mine went with me, and I think she was as enamoured as I was with the sets, the costumes, the special effects.  Spectacular!

The show was awesome.  I loved the movie “Avatar”, and this show “Toruk – The First Flight” was based on it.  It was amazing.  Toruk

It seemed like most people were equally as spellbound with some of the effects.  To complete the experience, you could download the app for the show onto your phone, and at select times during the performance, would have things flash onto your phone, which would in turn add to the entire effect of the show.  Pretty cool.  I question why they would want people worried about what was on their phone versus the performance.  But, that’s an entirely different conversation.  

All in all, a wonderful way to end a crazy week.  So thankful I have the opportunity to experience a show like this.  I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience something fun during the holiday season!

On the twenty-second day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me….

Some dyed scarves that worked!

My friend wanted to make some fun scarves for her family for Christmas, and so we took some fun knit fabrics, and made infinity scarves and used snow to “ice dye” them.

I think we were both super happy with the results.  

I really loved how the colour dispersed.  Dyeing is really one of my favourite things to do – partly because so much of the results are out of your hands.  Lots more things to try, but loving it!  Hope the colours and results inspire you too!

On the twenty first day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me…

Some fun fabric dyeing. 

I’m helping a friend of mine make gifts for her family this year, and she’s wanted to make some fun things, and I suggested dyeing, so here we go.  We used snow instead of ice.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes – one of those experiments.  I plan on doing much more of this over the Christmas break, as well as in the new year.

Hope you are having fun during the Christmas season, and not just stressing!