Role Reversal

I took a yoga class on Saturday morning.  I finally made a conscious effort toattend.  I haven’t been for awhile (but who’s counting) and I knew I had to go again.

I discovered that I was the one asking for forgiveness from the other participants in the room.  I was the one who couldn’t hold my balance for long.  I was the one who the instructor repeatedly came over to help  with poses.   I needed that assistance, and it was provided.  I needed to know that it was okay that my practice was off.  I needed that time on the mat.

The week’s activities and stresses were carried into the hot room with me.  Letting them go involved a few tears creeping out as well as falling out of poses, and every pose being painful in some way.  I need to participate in this activity more often.  I need to find a way to release stress.

Then I remind myself of a recent trip to Jasper.  It was cathartic.  It was needed in so many ways just like the yoga class was, and I will keep putting these kinds of balancing activities into my world.

day trip to Jasper on Canada Day
day trip to Jasper on Canada Day