What I learned in my 40’s….

In September I officially hit my last birthday while I was in my 40’s.  In celebration of starting my 50th year on this planet, I decided I would blog monthly on what I learned while I while i went through the last decade. 

The first thing I’ve learned is that I have earned the gray hair I have.  

I’m really lucky because I don’t have a lot of it yet…..   and Mother Nature thinks I deserved to have a distinctive patch of grey.  It’s kind of funny that people pay to have the kind of unique grey highlight that I have not exchanged money for. 

I likely have exchanged time, stress, challenges, sadness, happiness and joy for this feature.  But I have learned other things about this grey hair. 

It’s coarse.  It has a mind of its own. It is very white. It stands out against the rest of my natural hair colour. 

I own it.  It represents a badge of honour for making it this far and I’m proud of it.  The coarseness is similar to the sharpness of some of the experiences which I am assuming have contributed to its presence.  

The wildness and inability to be tamed with conventional methods reminds me of the enthusiasm and freedom of my 20’s.  The colour or clearness of the colour is symbolic of some of the clarity I have gained through my life.  Clarity I did not have about who I was 20+ years ago that I have now. (White is all colours combined.  It’s like a culmination of all of my experiences thus far expressed in colour.  Those who know me know I love colour and celebrate it at any opportunity. )

So even though my unruliness of my grey hair can be a bit vexing, I’m embracing it. My 40’s have been good to me.  I’m excited to see what is ahead of me.