What I’ve Learned in my 40’s…. half way through

So my 40’s have definitely been a roller coaster ride…. And from what I’ve experienced in each of the decades leading up to this milestone – its all part of it.

Its all part of the good with the bad. Knowing that even though you’re having a challenging day, there will be a better one ahead. The contrast is what makes each situation more dramatic and noticeable.

I think there are days where I yearn to not have challenges, and to just have a “quiet day”, but then again, what would life be without those? So yes, I’ve learned to be thankful for even the bad days. I think a lot of my 40’s has been leading up to really embracing both circumstances.

And I’m more in tune with my reactions and what is precipitating that result. I can recognize when I am being unreasonable. That doesn’t mean that perhaps I necessarily desire to change my response at that time – sometimes I just want to be difficult. My adult version of a 3 year old’s tantrum.

As we all have experienced, much of life is about compromise. We may not feel we are where we need to be, but to find happiness in the now, and know that it is up to us to be happy in the here and now. That is something that as I age as per the calendar, I am learning to adjust – find the happiness in the current situation.

I have been sitting in nasty traffic before, and if I am not using the time to listen to a juicy audio book, or a particularly insightful podcast, I can crank my music and sing along. Making my own happiness.

So – maybe the next 6 months before my 50 year milestone, I will think about what I am carrying forward into the next decade, and what I will chose to leave behind….