Long weekend reflections……

So thankful for a long weekend.  Inspiration and reminders are around me when I look for them for the things I want to accomplish this weekend.  I can find some amazing things and wonderful people when I look for them.

A list of what I’m grateful for can upturn a challenging day when I look for those things.  A smile comes to my face when I remind myself of the crazy things my two fur babies do when I see antics in my memory bank.

I can always find what I’m looking for, if I open my eyes to see it.  

These ponderings could in turn be compared to keeping my heart and my mind open and what I need is there is if I look for it.  

Now I am going to look for snuggling with my fur babies and savouring those moments because I’m grateful I can have them.  

Enjoy your thanksgiving. Wishing everyone a time to give thanks for even just one simple thing.  Just look for it.