Colours of Easter 

My Easter has constituted of being able to spend some time playing with fabric.   And, doing a bit of quilting.  

I got the top of the frog quilt together.  And decided it needed a border or two.

I went to a local quilt store (big mistake for my pocket book), and I found this delightful frog fabric, which I will use in conjunction with this adjacent fabric as borders.  I think I will cut the frogs so that way they are lining  up all in the same direction.  

I also made some more of these blocks.  Figuring out what I would like to do, as I think I would like to do more of the same blocks, but having the colours go in the other direction.  

The colour is coming together bit by bit at the sewing machine

So my Easter weekend has felt pretty productive.  a the weather here has been sketchy at times, so it was nice to spend some time at home getting a few things done.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Revelling in the colour like I did!