Anxiety and its place with us all

I was reminded about the topic of anxiety today when I was driving home from work and was listening to the radio host discuss a study which mentioned many people (particularly millenials) who now don’t like use a phone or a doorbell.  

One subject even mentioned that he didn’t even know if his friends had a doorbell. Instead of ringing a doorbell to announce you have arrived at someone’s house, this person texts their friends to tell them they are just around the corner, encouraging the friend to open the door and let them in, avoiding the anxiety of ringing a doorbell. 

It made me think about anxiety,  as I definitely have experienced my share of this at one time or another, and I began to think that this behaviour further distances the portion of the population that do not have smart phones or text.  I also think that this technology and being plugged in actually encourages anxiety.  The need to answer a text back immediately. The need to know who is at the door or who is calling.  Our smart phones and other technology provides us with the information that we know who is calling us, and further distances us from human contact. 

I really question that this behaviour encourages social interaction. It feels like we are protecting ourselves further from the world and doesn’t support the learning of how to deal with those situations and become comfortable dealing with the unknown.  

This is just a point of conversation. But I know for myself, I feel the need to keep up with technology creates its own anxiety.  It’s own feeling of not belonging.  What are we doing to ourselves?   

Anyways, my thoughts on a rainy evening.  Typing on my iPad.  Ironic isn’t it?  😬.