Podcasting the drive away

I always find that some of the podcasts I chose to listen to are what I need to hear at that moment. 

I drove for over 4 hours on Sunday to be able to meet up with my family at an annual event – Pioneer Days at Doubletree Village Museum. It is located just west of Spruceview and I would urge you to check it out next year!  Or connect with the owners, Ray and Anna Stanton, and they can coordinate a private event.  Doubletree Village Museum.  

I chose to use my drive to listen to podcasts.  I follow the School of Greatness – with Lewis Howes.  School of Greatness I always find one of the podcasts that strikes a chord with me. The one I heard today was when Lewis interviewed Mel Robbins. She is a force to be reckoned with and I really appreciated her discussion on the 5 Second Rule to Change Your Life. Mel Robbins

Something to reprogram ambition and thoughts.  Whenever you have moments where you think “I should do this…..” and then say but I don’t feel like it, and then in turn you don’t do that “this” that you had thought about you are letting your feelings overrule your thinking.  (Keep in mind I am paraphrasing and Mel has published a book on this – I want to read it). 

Mel suggests reprogramming that moment by counting backwards from 5.   So 5 4 3 2 1. This allows your brain to keep thinking versus feelings taking over.  

It is a tool to use in my “mind over comfy bed” moments when I think I should get out of bed but instead think I don’t feel like it.  This doesn’t mean I can’t still have those moments but it is a tool to help my brain counteract that propensity to sloth.  

I have been finding lately that I am not getting some of the things accomplished in my spare time that I would like.  This nugget of synapse gold came to me when I needed it.  

Don’t you find that sometimes the answer you are seeking is right there waiting for you to notice it?   Or you stumble upon it and it comes just at the right time.  That is how I find a lot of the podcasts I listen to.  They share great things that I just happened to require that message.  Now will I listen?   Maybe that’s another lesson I still need to learn.  This is one that I think I will.  

I’m sharing a few pics from the time spent visiting Pioneer Days.  Beautiful weather.  Perfect day.  So glad I went.