As 50 comes hurtling toward me….

I can’t believe it. A month (just over….. 32 days it is now….. but who’s keeping score… yes, its me…) and I’ll be 50. Which means I will have actually lived my fiftieth year. Wow. Half a century. The big “Five” “O”.

What does that really mean? Is 50 the new 40?

On a bit of a tangent, I have the distinct privilege and opportunity to spend a week in the middle of Saskatchewan with a group of amazing, talented artists. It is a week of laughter, a few tears, inspiration, colour… (one of my favourite things), walks around the abbey… (Oh – did I mention the week is spent at St. Peter’s Abbey / St. Peter’s College?), and refreshing some recent friendships, adding more shared experiences to some existing friendships, and incorporating some new ones to the mix.

I look around at the skills of the group – and many of them are around my age, some are older, a few younger, and I have the opportunity and have been learning from every single person here. (I am sure how you are wondering that I will tie the theme – “50” into this.). Well – I have been doing some reflecting obviously in the past year. But, also practising gratitude. I have been presented this amazing chance to meet some new people who are EXTREMELY gifted artists. We all have different skills which we share. I am so eternally grateful that I am taking some time to do this.

Seeing that the “50” is really just a number. I’m kind of thankful its not the number of toes I have. (Although the number of toes I have is divisible into 50… you do the math….). I love the enthusiasm I see on everyone’s faces. The stories that everyone brings and that they share brings us all closer. We’re all just trying to get through this life with a bit of laughter, a bit of fun, and by positively affecting those around us.

So even though I feel like 50 is hurtling at record speed towards me, I’ve made the choices I have made that have brought me here. To this moment. And its a good place to be.

I am sharing a few photos of this week.