Things I learned in my 40’s… of what’s coming ahead of me

I have been doing some reflection about my 40’s, but I was also not so eloquently, slapped in the face with what’s ahead of me by my doctor.

I am grateful that I have good health.  I consider myself lucky that I haven’t had to consistently take any medications, I have been hospitalized very minimally through my life, and all in all, celebrate good health.  I know that in spite of this, there will be some challenges ahead.

When I saw my doctor last week for my annual exam, I joked with her – “boy, I’m getting the full meal deal today”.  When she asks me – are you taking calcium supplements, and then proceeds to bring up the website for some suggestions of how to ensure that my diet includes an appropriate amount of calcium for my age…  well – it is one way of getting your age marched in front of you and perhaps poking you in your side.

And, then we discuss different health screenings that starts around age 50…  and since I months away from that particular milestone…  I just laughed.

I have learned that you get the best information from your doctor by not being embarrassed about discussing anything with them.  They can best give you advice by knowing everything.  Any little detail that may seem insignificant, can in fact be an influential piece of the puzzle of your overall health.  The most important part of course is your mental health.

In keeping with this, I’m trying to keep my expectations in check. I need to take care of myself. Its a given. Our bodies wear out. We get tired. Our bodies change, but our minds are still seeing ourselves at a slightly different numeric value. So how to reconcile this? Well…. Hmm. I like the fact that I can be goofy, and I have no qualms about getting on the floor and playing with an animal or a small child at my age. Or looking at wonder at something beautiful in nature. I Think that’s okay. I think laughter is and should be a healthy part of my day. Laughing is amazing medicine. So… hmm. Maybe my next career should be a comedian? Cuz I know it sure ain’t gonna be a doctor. At least of medicine. And, I’m almost 6 months into this whole “What i learned in my 40’s.”… hmmmm