2015. New Beginnings.

The start of a new year is a new beginning for many of us. It is a time for reflection of what we have accomplished and experienced for the past year, and what we are focussing on for the challenges of the year ahead.

What I would like to share with you and get your input on is the creative process, and relating many life experiences to my passion for quilting. I hope that this journey will help me learn more about my own process, and where I can stand to push my own limits. I also hope to learn from others about how they apply their own life experiences in their creative journeys.

This idea has been milling around for quilt a while, and while I have several other blog topics chosen, and even some written, I am choosing to start with this. I was waiting for my first hot yoga class of 2015 to start on Saturday morning. While I was laying there in savasana, listening to others enter the practice room and get settled, I let my mind wander, and wow! If I could have had a pen and paper, or a keyboard in front of me.

I lay there listening to many more students come into the class than what had been there at the end of 2014. It is, as many of us have experienced, typical for the beginning of a year for new students to join classes to fulfill their resolution ambition and the result is many classes being very full for the first couple of months.

One perspective is that for those who have consistently been going to classes, it puts a spin on the expectation of class size. It also brings along with the new faces, new ability levels in the class. For some, it is a point of waiting for the inevitable “thinning of the herd” in about the end of the second month, where those who have been brave enough to act on their resolutions, have chosen to then perhaps abandon or change their direction, and go onto other endeavors. Much can be the same when there are new quilt classes beginning in January, often many new students can be seen in the shiny faces of a student group.

I thought about this whole phenomenon from another view-point. I applaud people who make an intention to make a positive change in their lives, or within themselves. It takes a lot of courage to act on that intention. Many people were in my yoga class the other day who I had not seen before. And I thought – we all had to start somewhere. It does take guts to be in a class where there are all levels of experience. And the best thing we can do for each other is encourage each other.

I was thinking of the quilting classes I have taken through the years. It takes guts and enthusiasm to take a class. And, I have been in classes where experience levels varied. But the questions that were asked by some of the newer practitioners helped remind me of some things I should know, but maybe had forgotten, or I forget to ask that question because I assumed that I knew the answer. I am reminded that there are several ways to do the same thing.

So I had to remember where I started. For quilting – it was well over 20 years ago when the bug bit me. For yoga, it was actually not long after that. So I can say with certainty that I have been doing both for quite a while. And I started off not knowing exactly what I was doing, but many kind souls along the way have been patient with me, and chosen to share the knowledge they had to help me along my path.

I urge everyone to perhaps reflect on the beginning of this year that it is beginnings for many people in many things, and we can help that be a positive experience. I also urge reflection on what the past years have given us.

I am looking forward to hopefully spurring some conversation, and through this medium, expanding my base of teachers and friends whom I can learn from. And, if I give something back to those just starting out, then I can say I was successful.

Parfait Dyeing
Parfait Dyeing