A little bit more of the season…

Shared some fun time with family this evening. Was great to visit and sit around just enjoying each other’s company.

Hit Costco today – boy – it was busy and much fewer sampling stations than on weekends. Which was disappointing when that’s part of the perks of Costco shopping.

I’m thankful that I live close enough that these amenities and opportunities are easy to come by. I’m looking forward to a few more days off this year and getting a few more things organized.

Thankful to have some chill lap time with my fur baby.

It’s been a good day.

The season is drawing to a close….

Which means that memories have been made, turkey has been devoured and wrapping has been torn.

I hate to say but I’m looking forward to a routine again. Looking forward to longer days. Right now I’m looking forward to finding a comfy chair in the next few days and work on a knitting project that is almost done..

I’ll do some reflecting on 2018, some planning for 2019 and some visualization on what I want life to look like in a year.

For now, I’ll try to be in the moment.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays is my hope.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day. I did have a really great day.

I hope everyone had at least one good memory out of their activities today. Mine was that I shared a wonderful meal and time with some fun and amazing people and shared some laughs and great food!

I hope everyone had one thing that they could say they were grateful for. I am grateful that everyone seems fairly healthy.

I hope everyone had one thing about today that was magical. My thing that I always thing is magical is the snow gently falling.

I hope everyone got to where they needed to go safely. I did, although it was a narrow miss with some deer but they swerved and brakes were in working order so everyone was safe.

I hope everyone had at least one moment today where they felt loved today. Being around family today and having some help and a great place to stay was my moments.

I hope everyone had an opportunity to show their love today. I did that by making much of what was provided for Christmas gifts and that helped fill my heart with gratitude that I had the ability to make some fun things as well as the capacity to be able to give them.

I extend my hopes to all today and that your hopes were fulfilled in some even small way today.

Last day of work this year

Lots of goodies at work. The hard work paid off that the treats I made were enjoyed by all.

I finished cutting out some wonderful fabric. All set for churning it an unimaginable amount of items this weekend. Am I crazy …. yes. Do I love making things? Yes.

Going to try to rest for the assembly line tomorrow.

Was the last fabric cut out. Better hope my machine can keep up!