It’s a good word.  Clarity.  Something we strive for.  Something I need to have as part of my artists voice.  I’m struggling with it a bit.  (Not the same struggles that I have with autocorrect,  or Fat Finger Syndrome (that’s what I call some grevious mistakes made while texting because your fingers get in the way).)

I know as an artist that it is important to have a voice.  Figure out your style.  It doesn’t mean it can’t evolve and change, but your body of work should be recognizable as yours.  Another way of identifying you.

I had posted over a year ago about my artists voice. I’m still challenged with it.  That means I haven’t been putting the work in.  But, I’m getting closer.  I’m trying to put more of the work in. And, even just me admitting that colours and their playfulness, their interaction, their ability to evoke reactions is why I love colour.  Now to translate that into my work so others can feel that is what I’m trying to project and communicate with it.

I think of a few famous artists – Van Gogh, Georgie O’Keeffe, Monet, Sting, Ruth McDowell, Carol Bryer Fallert-Gentry all have recognizable artist voices.  (I have included a couple of quilt artists in this mix and is by no means a comprehensive list and I welcome you to share other artists who you may admire /appreciate.)  They all have a clear artists voice.

I myself am having a hard time choosing a clear direction.  If I had to choose one thing that identifies things I love it is bright colour.  I am attracted to rich and bright colours.  One look at my fabric stash confirms it.  I have long been enamoured with brightly colours paints, markers, dyes, any kind of artist medium.  When I dye clothing and fabrics, I want them to be bright and cheerful. The colours – range, richness, energy – makes my heart sing.

I am stumped in translating that love of colour into my own voice as an artist .  How do I interpret that so moving forward  my work  is consistent.

So back to clarity.  Trying to find it. Is your voice then only one component of your art?   There is also execution, materials,  content. You need all of the components to give your art its inherent depth.   You need the “blood sweat and tears” to give it soul.  Your voice helps give consistency to that soul.

Sharing with you part of my journey. I have attached a picture of some fabrics I pulled for a project. Yup, I proved it again.  I love bright colours.