Airport security – a different perspective. 

I think I go through too many airports.  I have been on more flights in the first half of this year than I can count on two hands.  On a few one day trips I’ve been on 4 flights within about 16 hours. I go through security in an automatic mode.  Its like being on a slow moving conveyor belt.   I was thinking as I was watching and waiting for my carry-on stuff after I had strutted through the people scanner, my belt, laptop, coat, boots etc go through the scanner – why can’t we just lay down and go through?  Or even better – make it a slide.  Make it fun.  Can you imagine how much fun everyone would have if they were excited about going through security?  I was thinking of how much fun children have using a slide.  How cool would that be?  It could be a slightly slower slide, so people of all ages could enjoy it, but really – how much fun would people have?   What would it be like if we all had a choice of how we could go through it, and line up in the appropriate line by our choice.  I would choose the slide every time.  I mean it.  Every time.  I don’t care if I’m wearing a skirt, jeans, whatever.

I also had this thought that how much fun would it be to dance while you go through the scanner?  Unfortunately, the Transport Canada / TSA agents would probably not appreciate it.  Or moon walk through the scanner.  How about cartwheels?

I was “randomly” selected to have a more thorough search of my being.  I could select the “pat down” from an appropriate security agent, or I could go into the body scanner.  I always choose the body scanner.  What I thought was awesome was the agent that instructed me on how to stand in the scanner, suggested I put my hands up “to look like a moose” for the scan.  How much fun is that?  It made me laugh.  Although, I didn’t obviously do a good moose impression (he had to give me further instructions on changing my stance to be appropriate).  (Yes, I did say I had been through this several times, and obviously, I still can’t get it right).  lol.  I guess I should have made some moose noises too.  That would have been fun.  I was imagining what would happen to me if I did do that going through airport security.  Would this put me on the “no-fly” list?  For having fun?  Especially when this kind of fun isn’t hurting anyone.  Its more of making fun of myself, and the situation, or taking it to the next level.

I guess that’s been how I look at things sometimes – how much fun could I make this?  How silly could I make this experience?  One of the best things about flying is this view below.   Wow.