2015_070_Patricia_Scott-6770I think of myself as many things – I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a granddaughter, and friend.  On the flip side – I am an ex of many things. Career wise I have been many things – but most currently – an architect.  Quilting and sewing have been my passion for many years, and I have been fortunate enough to have friends and family who have supported and fostered that passion.  My life’s journey includes much laughter, and tears, and sharing this path with friends and family.

My intention as a quilt artist is to creative a visual and tactile expression using fabric.  I explore subjects using a variety of techniques and layers of detail.  Colours and textures found in nature are inspiring to me.

I have been motivated by fabric expressions since I was very young.  Both my mother and grandmother always creating things with fabric, so I knew a sewing machine was in my future.  My first quilt was created using a hand made cardboard template for a tumbling blocks pattern, to which I added my own borders– the artist was born.

Colour is a really important inspiration and source of joy in my life.  I am drawn to colour. Vibrancy, tones, hues, shades, all describe qualities of colour which affect my creations inception and development. I live surrounded by colour. 

I enjoy using commercial patterns, and I also design my own.  Pushing my limits with my own unique art quilts is my real passion and where I find the most angst, as well as the most satisfaction.

My art expresses my exploration of my own boundaries which I always challenge.  I tend to charge ahead, not fully knowing the path my work will take, but enjoyed the journey to the result.  I am encouraged and inspired by artists of many mediums. My body of work has encompassed more than 25 years of exploration, and continues to evolve as I experiment with new techniques.


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