Progress on a quilt…. in a wonderful place!

I promised that I would share some of my progress after a weekend away at a wonderful B & B north of Evansburg, AB.  Rustic Ridge Ranch.  It was a really awesome time, with some fantastic friends. 

We all relaxed, ate some amazing food, and shared each other’s company while we were each creating.

I brought 4 different quilting projects with me, and one knitting project.  I will take pictures of the knitting project later – but as a side note, I love the yarn I am using.

So I brought a table runner to finish that I had started a year ago.  Well, I didn’t finish it.  I realized when I got everything laid out, I hadn’t made enough copies of part of the pattern I needed to cut some things out.

Two of the other quilting projects I brought were all block exchanges for 2 different quilts.  I was considering laying one of them out, but I knew I wouldn’t get very far at either of them.  So, I will have to find another large floor to lay them all out on to figure out the rows.  

I did bring along the quilt that I was showing in a previous post the pattern and the fabrics.  

I got all of the strip sets and other squares/ triangles cut out.  

I tried out one strip set and got it pieced and cut using the special ruler. I also got one half block together. 

I proceeded to get a strip set from the other colours done and cut out. 

I now have some half blocks from the other strip sets finished. I still have to trim all of these blocks. 

I tend to usually assembly line my quilting. I will do a bunch of sewing. Then I will go and press. The back for trimming and more sewing. As I was with some friends, I was quite excited to see how the blocks are going to start looking so I deviated from my system a bit.  I actually am finishing that it is a bit chaotic now with my project.  I am at a few different spots with several blocks.  It may take me some time to “recover” my system, but it was worth seeing some of the colour.  

All in all, I am really excited about the colour. I think It will be really fun. 

What do you think?

Projects in my immediate future….

I’ve been thinking about the kinds of projects I want to work on more for this year.  

I have a few trips planned – all around quilting.  And, the cool thing is that I can chose what I want to work on.

I think I’m getting a good balance of new projects worked on, as well as trying to finish up some UFO’s.  And, I can say that I feel more balanced about what I am accomplishing.  

If I finish up a couple more projects in the next couple of weeks that are well “seasoned”, it will definitely feel like 2017 is heading in a great direction.  

For instance, I am heading to Arizona soon to hang out with a good friend, and do some quilting.  Before I go,  I do want to get the project completed that her and I started in a class for almost a year ago.  

That project isn’t as seasoned as some others, such as the frog quilt I have been working on for the last couple of months in between other things. 

Even though the AZ project is still of a relatively young vintage, it will still be extremely satisfying to complete.  

The list of accomplishments includes a few petal bags completed that I spoke about in my last post.

I’m starting to get more excited about working on the quick curve project I mentioned in my last post.  

I looked at the fabric selection again tonight – this is definitely going to be started this weekend.  I’m really excited.  I haven’t done a “rainbow” array of colour in a quilt for quite awhile.  

I’ll give an update of progress – as it gains traction, and to really think about my process as I complete a quilt.  The past week or so – has been a bit of rumination about the project.  I’ll let you know what the next phase really is all about for me. (And it hopefully won’t be about procrastination.  )

Happy quilting!  What things are you working on these days?

Planning a new project

Happy Sunday Evening!

I have been planning a couple of new projects – One for small gift bags that can quickly go together.  

Another – where I want to try out a new ruler and associated pattern that I just received a couple of weeks ago.

I was thinking if I document how my process goes – and by the way – would love some suggestions as to how you start a project – it would be extremely helpful.  

The gift bags – are planned to be given away to several different friends – so spoiler alert if any of you are at a retreat with me this year – you may receive one of these – or a facsimile of such.  

I am using the pattern on the link Petal Bag.  It is a fun pattern – I have done it before.  I can’t find the bag I did before, but below are the pairs of fabrics that I have chosen to use.  I think they are kind of fun.  I am trying to break further into my stash.  I don’t think this is far enough…. But it’s coming.  

The other new project – a small quilt – I am considering using as a baby quilt.  (See pattern and ruler below).  

I have thought about using a light fabric for the background, and using a rainbow of colours for my rings.  I haven’t decided on what colours to use for the triangles – maybe some bright colours, maybe a couple of greys….  What would you do.

I put my current selection of fabric below.

I have found that taking photos of the fabrics together really help me see them in a different way.  Another way is to look through a door viewer / peephole.  I

Now, I ruminate on my fabric selections.  Doesn’t mean that my first selections aren’t right, but I find it a useful practice.  How do you proceed?  

I was considering using a dark fabric as a background – would be extremely dramatic, but I don’t think I want this to be too dark – especially if it ends up being a baby quilt.  

What do you think?  

Happy quilting in the week ahead!

Most everything in your life, you have allowed to be there.  

A friend of mine has reminded me that most everything in my life I have allowed to be there. This thought then cascades into a million thoughts about choices and results.

I am lucky. Oh so fortunate. I have so many amazing people in my life. And I have the ability and resources to do some really fun and cool things. (The latest cool thing I just finished I cannot post on social media yet, as I am waiting to find out if it is accepted into a group of quilts to be part of a publication…. Still pretty lucky!)

One of the things I have allowed to stay in my life is quilting.  Think you kinda figured that out.  And, even better – I have friends I can quilt and sew with and hang out and it’s such a bonus!  

Other things in my life that I may want to complain about – well, slap myself because I’ve allowed that stuff to be in my life too.   The hardest pill to swallow is one you’ve got to feed yourself when you realize and accept that you indeed have allowed some of the most challenging things into your every day.  I constantly remind myself I have the power to change those things. 

So one of my choices was to spend an evening earlier this week with a good friend choosing fabrics for a project we are both going to work on.   Tula Pink’s Butterfly Quilt pattern. Tula Pink Butterfly

There was a bit of wine involved, and we have a wonderful time visiting.  Paying with fabric was a bonus. 

  I treasure those times. I’ve had some amazing visits with friends in the past few weeks.  Good things I’ve allowed into my life.  What’s the best thing you have allowed into your life?