Went for a walk last night.

It was calm.

So calm.

The river path loosening its hold

On the dregs of winter


Breathe in.


Lace of springs promise littered the sky.

Embodied energy, anxious to emerge.

The river mirrored the anticipation with a shiver

Reflections of premonition

Breathe out.

I’m waiting.


No consistency this month….

Which is sort of like this year. No consistency anywhere. But…. I’m inching towards Christmas. Trying to get a few things done. Although, I think we will be postponing a family gathering. Just means Christmas gets to last longer??

And, I feel like I have been super busy. Yesterday, made some ravioli and 3 types of filling. Tonight, made a mess of more ravioli. No where near through any of the fillings. Lol. But another batch of pasta dough done. And, they look cool. Getting the system down.

Made whipped shortbread yesterday too. And two types of peppermint bark. Just because. Other baking yet to be done this week. And, went on quite a long walk in the cold weather yesterday in the river valley…. the last picture is one that my friend Janet took of us when we did our socially distanced walk the week before…

Going to sign off by falling into bed…. And, its only Monday, isn’t it?

Friday Eve…

And two weeks before Christmas Eve! OMG – I am behind…. sort of. Oh well.

My evening got a bit detailed between a generous glass of some delicious Pino Grigio, and watching another episode of “The Crown”. Got sucked into another series. Watched “The Queen’s Gambit”. Very much liked that. Although, my TV watching has changed dramatically with not watching cable TV.

And, another evening of no sewing or baking or any other Christmas prep. This weekend for sure. Ha!

I did take a moment this evening to reflect on the tree. I really enjoy a Christmas tree, and find the lights to be magical. Decorating with ornaments from travels just brings memories flooding back of adventures. So looking forward to continuing to add to the collection of Christmas memorabilia for the decorating.

What is your favourite part of Christmas? I can definitely say that some of the past traditions, and spending time with family and friends tops the list. The evening board games, the tobogganing afternoon, the lively conversation. Mom’s Cheese Ball, Grandma’s toffee, Nuts and Bolts, the familiar decorations, and the laughter. The turkey coma aligned with a cozy fire. I’ll take it. Hope you find some of this in your world this Christmas.

I’m on a roll

And its Dec 9. I took my final exam. One thing one for the year.

I was totally going to blog about my sewing machines. But, you will not find any of that content tonight. It’s about trying to be gentle with myself and not create unrealistic expectations.

I’m still planning on doing a bunch of baking for Christmas, although not sure who will receive it… but I may freeze some for later. The only thing I have completed of Christmas baking was fruit cake about 6 weeks ago. 15 small little fruit cakes. That way, if you don’t like it, you only have a hockey puck to contend with. Not a doorstop. It’s been allowed to marinate in brandy. I’ll take some pictures when we finally unwrap and try one.

For now, I’ll share pics of the ones I did 2 years ago. That was crazy. I had to mix it in a canner with my hands because there was so much of it.

I’ll update you on the upcoming baking. Nothing spectacular. I have cousins, sis-in-law, all sorts of family that do some amazing baking. I just wish to bask in their glow, and hope to absorb some of their talent.

Check in tomorrow!

Day 2…. a couple days late!

Once again, I can’t even be consistent for 2 days in a row, but maybe that’s part of my blogging challenge…

I’m busy getting ready for a final exam tomorrow. I had signed up for a financial management and budgeting class through the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension this fall, and am almost done…

I can say that I have learned / adjusted a few things this fall in taking the class. I have gotten back into a rhythm of using my evenings for something other than supper and watching a TV show or two. I am trying to use my brain for good instead of distraction and lazy pondering. I am getting out of my comfort zone with taking a class that isn’t directly related to my day time profession of architect, but definitely is on the periphery.

And, I can say that the class has been a bit of a diversion from other things going on in the world right now. I won’t bore you with any pictures of looking at break even analysis examples that we did in class.

I will however share some photos from taking a walk in the river valley this past Sunday. That has been another fun constant this year, and I have definitely seen its changing seasons in a more dynamic way.

I hope you have something in your life that maybe stretches your limits but also gives you the opportunity to distract you. Even for an hour. Distant hugs to all as 2020

5 days behind… and

I’m going to let it slide. I was going to try the 31 day blog challenge that Cheryl Sleboda initiates every year (check out muppin.com for more info and Cheryl’s cool stuff!). I have been thinking about it all week. And, I’m finally getting to it.

So.. Maybe I’m starting a few days late. That’s how I’m going to see it. Lol. So… I’m also going to use her suggestions for things to write about to at least get me started. The first suggestion is an intro.

For those of you who don’t know me – I’m Patricia Scott. (Known as Pat to many). I’ve lived in Alberta, Florida, Colorado and Virginia. My travels have allowed me to have friends all over North America, and really the world. I’m very fortunate. I’ve been in Edmonton for the last 10 years. Grew up by Didsbury, Alberta. Farm girl at heart. Family is still on the farm, and so I’m fortunate to still have that connection.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Food Science. And, a Master’s in Architecture. I’ve worked in all sorts of fields, and those experiences definitely influence my art work.

I’ve been sewing since high school. Quilting since the early 90’s. So… 30 years of quilting? Hard to believe. My work has definitely evolved. I still follow some patterns, but what really makes me happy is dyeing my own fabric, and creating with it. I have belonged to quilt guilds in several places, and maintain my connection to a couple of groups in Virginia (Burke QU), an Art Quilt Group through Artistic Artifacts, as well as a quilting bee. I have a connection with an Art Quilt group in Canada. This has been most impactful on getting me more out of a comfort zone and doing more of my own work.

One of the things I really enjoy about the quilting process is the quilting itself. It’s the additional layer of interest, and I love free motion quilting. I’m working my way into doing more of my own art, and plan on doing a couple of series in 2021. I’ve attached some photos that show some of my past work.

Outside of quilting, creating art quilts, and dyeing fabric, I love to cook. Read. I started knitting again a few years ago. Gardening. Have more recently been doing some hiking in the last couple of years which has been pretty awesome.

So.. that’s a bit about me in a nutshell. I’ll continue sharing things and I would love to hear what your favourite part of creating / quilting is.

Some random thoughts about our days……

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what has been going on over the last couple of months, and how we are all affected.

All of our current news circles around the pandemic. What the statistics are. What the politicians are saying, and doing about it. What the repercussions of the social distancing, the stay at home requirements, and the economy as it sits now with the drastic change in business due to temporary (and in some cases permanent) business closures.

Most of what is affecting me in a more mental capacity is essentially that the plans that gave me something to look forward to, are amended. They are postponed, cancelled, and a good part of my world needs to realign so my expectations about what I can look forward to and thus get joy from, is altered.

This really brings to mind a movie I saw years and years ago called “A Family Thing” with James Earl Jones and Robert Duvall. The one thing that struck me was a conversation the two main characters had about giving people something to look forward to. That it was a purpose to give your loved ones something to look forward to.

Essentially, so many things that we look forward to, which could be as simple as going to the corner store for a loaf of bread, has changed. We cannot forecast if those things that we were looking forward to, planning, seeking, will be tangible, possible in the near future, far future, or what they will even look like.

So… I’m trying to realign those things that I look forward to. Trying to give myself something to look forward to. I am pretty thankful for those things in my life that bring me joy and I am very grateful for many things right now. I am also trying to get myself thinking about how I can give others something to look forward to. So… working on that. And, an occasional glass of wine.

Wishing everyone stay safe and healthy. Looking forward to when I can next get together, spend time, break bread with my family, friends, associates and all in all good people in the world.

The Elf went and hid…

And tried to focus. With some semblance of success. Presents were completed, wrapped, presented, and opened. I’m still recovering from the flurry of activity.

I spent some time being present. With family and friends. And more family. I really did enjoy some time being somewhat unplugged. I am thankful to those friends I got to spend a few moments catching up with. And thank you for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate knowing that I am not alone in my own manic life sometimes… and that we all struggle with similar things.

And now, I am forgiving myself. For not living up to my blogging every day this month. I am trying to be okay with not living up to some expectations I projected on myself.

I have been reminded several times recently that whenever I feel like I am getting some things off of my “list” (and I will expand more on that list in a moment), that I rapidly add at least one or two or ten more things onto that list. Boy, am I ever worried about never being bored. Ha! My list contains a number of “projects” – between finishing block exchange quilts, finishing projects I have decided I must do for friends and family, and other things I want to do for myself. I have not physically written that list for a long time. I have not included such things on the list like clothes I would like to make for myself.

Nor do I include the brilliant idea I had this summer of doing pickled carrots for everyone this year for christmas. Now, that would have been great. Garden got in a bit late. Planted a TON of carrots. They came up late. Was not a hot summer, so really, did not grow very well, but still had an admirable crop. The slugs were the absolute worst this year. Like I swear, if prairie escargot was a thing – I could have served it 10 times a day and still not made a dent in the slimy invasion. I did go out and salt the slugs one day. I was deriving great pleasure from their demise. Not the best solution, but a small victory. And, the dill I planted for such wonderful pickles? The slugs ate them. All of it. It was sooo gross.

So.. that “project” was not on the list. Guess I should put those things on the list, and then consciously decide that some things are not possible. Or, just cry uncle. I know when I am not going to meet a deadline, and learn to cut my losses as to what is not possible when time is running out. To top it all off, I am either adding too many things to the list that are not even possible of achieving, or enjoying procrastination way too much. Am I scared of not having enough to do? Not sure. Maybe it is all about my life’s purpose. Either way – I am obviously weighing myself down with unfeasible expectations.

So…. Instead of doing anything that serves as productive tonight, treated myself to watching not one but two episodes of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. I am loving the show. And, tomorrow, maybe I will figure out more to do with …. the list.

Wishing you a good Sunday sleep…..