Another Day in Paradise….

I consider myself very fortunate.  I am coming to the end of an amazing 8 day trip to Maine.

The friends I came to visit with are amazing.  It was a wonderful week filled with hanging out with them at their lake house.  Every morning seeing this…
Getting out and experiencing the area.  People are wonderful here.  Down to earth, accepting you into the activities, and just overall good people.  

It had given me a better perspective of thankfulness.  The weather has been hot during my visit.  So, I can say that yes, I did see some sun.  And some dragonflies, fish, turtles, chipmunks, bald eagle, frogs, toads, woodpeckers….  And smelling the fresh air with all the trees around….  An amazing place.  I need to come back and visit against.   I didn’t, however, see the infamous moose of Maine.  Saw evidence that they were around, but were elusive.  Which isn’t a bad thing….  

No quilting for me on this trip.  I’ll try to get something posted about my trip last month to Colorado.  More good times, beautiful scenery and above all, close friends.

And most of all on this trip, I got to recharge the batteries, remember what beauty there is everywhere I have gone, and remember how grateful I am for the opportunities I have.

Thank you Jo and Stephen for a wonderful trip.  You are gracious hosts and awesome friends.  Thanks to Betsy and Hector for letting me tag along to see some beauty of Maine in a very fun way.  Thanks to my parents for looking after my two feline fur babies while I went on this adventure.  Thanks to my colleagues and friends who helped out and enabled me to get away from work and visit such a cool place.  I recommend visiting Maine to anyone who wants to see some beautiful country.