On the third day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me….

Binding!  Feet and feet of it!

I decided while I was visiting my parents this weekend I would finish up a current project.  I will share more photos of this quilt in another post.  For now, I will share pictures of the binding. Specifically the corners.

I used one of the binding techniques my mom frequently uses – and it allows you to attach the binding with the machine.  It also provide you with a small “piping” for contrast.  This is my second attempt at this technique.  

So, below are the corners.  What do you think?  I am pretty happy with how they have turned out. 

THis is a quilt that I have been working on…  Since last year.  I’ll admit it.  So this is a bit of a “current project”.  Just have to put a label on it.  But, for now – I am revelling in having the binding done.  I cut out 64 feet of binding.  32 feet of the piping fabric, and 32 feet of the binding.  

Probably about 4 hours of work today.  Well worth it, as I think I am going to use this technique again.  

What did I learn – I can get better at this technique.  🙂

Now I’m going to relax and be thankful this day was productive.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Should be interesting to see what the next day of Christmas quilting brings…  :-). 


On the second day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me……

I have been thinking about my month long dedication to blogging, and decided it was going to involve some of my past quilt projects, as well as my current work in progress.

If I am being truthful with myself, I still have lots of work in progress.  

So if you are up for this journey with me, I am up for it!  And, I was thinking I could talk about what each quilt gave to me – taught me, challenged me with, and what I think about when I see it now.  I have several pieces which are in their given homes, and I haven’t seen in years.  I’ll see if I can dig up pictures, but in the meantime, I will take pics of some of my work  that I still have.

So, on the second day of Christmas, the true quilt I’m looking at is……

I purchased this as a kit from a Sewing and Needlework Festival in Edmonton – years ago.  I am talking probably around 20 years ago.  The vendor had beautiful hand dyed silks as colourway said to purchase, as well as this delightful kit.  So, I purchased it.  I didn’t get it together until about 10 years ago.  (Yes, dating myself substantially).  Or, maybe I can just say I have been quilting since I was 5??  Ha ha.  

I enjoyed doing this – it was a paper pieced pattern.  Purple is one of my favourite colours so I gravitated to it naturally.  It is only about 14″ square.   

I played with some fun stitches on my sewing machine as part of the quilting.  I also played with some free-motion quilting – I can tell this was early on in my experimenting with that.  

I still love this small piece.  I love the colours.  This quilt gave me some experience in playing with some quilting stitches and methods.  This quilt makes me smile whenever I look at it.  I was enamoured with hearts in my quilts for a period of time – and I believe this could have been why I finished it.  

It is a testament to me finishing a quilt.  Ha ha.  It is also a testament to the number of years I have been quilting.  And supporting this creative expression / addiction I have.  

Brings me down memory lane.  

Lessons learned – put a label on your quilt.  Please – I encourage you.  I was not in that habit.  And, I should have been.  

This quilt challenged me in quilting with silks.  I love the texture, the feel, and the look of silks.  I have used them only sparingly.  So, lesson for the future – explore and play with silks more.  

What has your latest quilt given you?

Happy second day of December!  See y’all tomorrow!

Gonna try this and see how it works out……

One of the bloggers I follow is a fellow quilter -Cheryl Sloboda.  Please check out her blog.  http://muppin.com/wordpress/

Cheryl has made the decision to blog daily for the next month. What an inspiration!  And I love her reasoning why!  (Please read – she’s cool!). 

I’m gonna try it too.  It may be ramblings but I’m going to try this consistency on blogging. 

So, for my first blog post of this self-challenge, I’m going to chat a little about the travelling I am jut returning from today. 

I have just returned from a monthly trip to Winnipeg.  I have a project that is under construction in that fine city.  

It’s pretty cool to see the progress from month to month.  And things are really starting to get exciting. 

On waiting in Winnipeg for my flights back to edmonton (I had a quick layover in Saskatoon) I was sitting beside a mother and young son – the little boy could stand, was just starting to get teeth, and had the largest smiles. He was adorable. He would look and me and get the biggest toothless grin. He was just a happy child.  Although I know this is not always the case with any of us, it brought a large smile to myself because the simple joy of seeing another person and connecting with them in such a simple facial gesture was wonderful. The innocence with that made my afternoon a little brighter. 

On my two flights today I listened several times to a song called “No Fear” by Terri Clark. I saw her in concert in Fort Saskatchewan doing an acoustical performance. It was phenomenal. It felt so personal. I have loved her music for a long time, and so it was a special privilege to be able to see her in concert.  This song in particular spoke to me, and so today during the various flights I listened to it several times.  My new mantra for rite now – “No Fear”.  I believe in being fearless and this helped remind me. 


I’m hoping tomorrow I’m back to finishing a quilt.  😀 

Airport security – a different perspective. 

I think I go through too many airports.  I have been on more flights in the first half of this year than I can count on two hands.  On a few one day trips I’ve been on 4 flights within about 16 hours. I go through security in an automatic mode.  Its like being on a slow moving conveyor belt.   I was thinking as I was watching and waiting for my carry-on stuff after I had strutted through the people scanner, my belt, laptop, coat, boots etc go through the scanner – why can’t we just lay down and go through?  Or even better – make it a slide.  Make it fun.  Can you imagine how much fun everyone would have if they were excited about going through security?  I was thinking of how much fun children have using a slide.  How cool would that be?  It could be a slightly slower slide, so people of all ages could enjoy it, but really – how much fun would people have?   What would it be like if we all had a choice of how we could go through it, and line up in the appropriate line by our choice.  I would choose the slide every time.  I mean it.  Every time.  I don’t care if I’m wearing a skirt, jeans, whatever.

I also had this thought that how much fun would it be to dance while you go through the scanner?  Unfortunately, the Transport Canada / TSA agents would probably not appreciate it.  Or moon walk through the scanner.  How about cartwheels?

I was “randomly” selected to have a more thorough search of my being.  I could select the “pat down” from an appropriate security agent, or I could go into the body scanner.  I always choose the body scanner.  What I thought was awesome was the agent that instructed me on how to stand in the scanner, suggested I put my hands up “to look like a moose” for the scan.  How much fun is that?  It made me laugh.  Although, I didn’t obviously do a good moose impression (he had to give me further instructions on changing my stance to be appropriate).  (Yes, I did say I had been through this several times, and obviously, I still can’t get it right).  lol.  I guess I should have made some moose noises too.  That would have been fun.  I was imagining what would happen to me if I did do that going through airport security.  Would this put me on the “no-fly” list?  For having fun?  Especially when this kind of fun isn’t hurting anyone.  Its more of making fun of myself, and the situation, or taking it to the next level.

I guess that’s been how I look at things sometimes – how much fun could I make this?  How silly could I make this experience?  One of the best things about flying is this view below.   Wow. 


It’s a good word.  Clarity.  Something we strive for.  Something I need to have as part of my artists voice.  I’m struggling with it a bit.  (Not the same struggles that I have with autocorrect,  or Fat Finger Syndrome (that’s what I call some grevious mistakes made while texting because your fingers get in the way).)

I know as an artist that it is important to have a voice.  Figure out your style.  It doesn’t mean it can’t evolve and change, but your body of work should be recognizable as yours.  Another way of identifying you.

I had posted over a year ago about my artists voice. I’m still challenged with it.  That means I haven’t been putting the work in.  But, I’m getting closer.  I’m trying to put more of the work in. And, even just me admitting that colours and their playfulness, their interaction, their ability to evoke reactions is why I love colour.  Now to translate that into my work so others can feel that is what I’m trying to project and communicate with it.

I think of a few famous artists – Van Gogh, Georgie O’Keeffe, Monet, Sting, Ruth McDowell, Carol Bryer Fallert-Gentry all have recognizable artist voices.  (I have included a couple of quilt artists in this mix and is by no means a comprehensive list and I welcome you to share other artists who you may admire /appreciate.)  They all have a clear artists voice.

I myself am having a hard time choosing a clear direction.  If I had to choose one thing that identifies things I love it is bright colour.  I am attracted to rich and bright colours.  One look at my fabric stash confirms it.  I have long been enamoured with brightly colours paints, markers, dyes, any kind of artist medium.  When I dye clothing and fabrics, I want them to be bright and cheerful. The colours – range, richness, energy – makes my heart sing.

I am stumped in translating that love of colour into my own voice as an artist .  How do I interpret that so moving forward  my work  is consistent.

So back to clarity.  Trying to find it. Is your voice then only one component of your art?   There is also execution, materials,  content. You need all of the components to give your art its inherent depth.   You need the “blood sweat and tears” to give it soul.  Your voice helps give consistency to that soul.

Sharing with you part of my journey. I have attached a picture of some fabrics I pulled for a project. Yup, I proved it again.  I love bright colours.

Scaredy cat…..

imageI am hoping that the title of this blog got your attention.

I was thinking today that I hadn’t posted for awhile.  I allowed life to get in the way.  I have allowed my fear of lots of things to get in the way.  I was doing some introspection, and realized that I have been allowing fear to paralyze me and not allow me to get some things done that I really want and need to get done.

I want to finish up some quilt patterns and publish them.  I want to keep designing quilts, create them, and create the patterns for them.  I want to get my website going, and a myriad of other things.  I am holding myself back.  My fear of failure, not being accepted, of rejection, are all present. And I’m giving it all more traction than it deserves.

So what am I doing about it?  Going to look fear in the face and curse at it and tell it off.   It has its place in my life, but I am going to harness it.  Ha.

How many times has fear done that to you?  Well, I’m about to kick its ass.  Come and join me.


Being an adult….

I was watching a TV show the other day, and one of the characters was asking the other when they had started feeling like an adult. Now I can recall, it was on “Big Bang Theory’ where Bernadette and Penny and Amy were talking about that subject.  Guess I get some of my best ideas from TV?  Wow, I digress.  

This TV discussion got me thinking about how I feel about being an adult, when I really felt like one, and how often I don’t want to be one.  Ha ha

That doesn’t mean that I would want to go backwards in time.  I just appreciate the innocence, the purity, and the goodness that children embody.  And how we all need to embrace our inner child more often.

This means I need to let myself play more often.  I have to allow the luxury of play without an agenda.  When was the last time you played for the sake of playing?  For the sake of laughter and enjoying the experience.  

It makes me want to go out and catch snowflakes on my tongue, (which I tried to do on the last walk I was out on with a good friend, but wasn’t fast enough) make snow angel, do a silly dance as I’m walking down the street, talk in a funny voice, make a goofy face, draw a funny picture.  Tell a joke that would send a 3 year old into hysterics, laugh at the absurdity of life.  

I want to do all of this more often.   Think I’ll set a timer on my phone to do this.  I’m exhausted from being an adult and taking myself and life too seriously. I want to remember what my younger self found fascinating about life, and what would engross me for hours.

Anyone else up for this?   This kinda relates to quilting.  I want to allow myself to play more.  I love colour, I just need to let it out.  

So who is going to join me?  Who wants to let their child out?  I think they need to!