On the fourth day of Christmas my true quilt gave to me (2017 version) …

Or was it the fifth day???

Hmmm. More quilting with friends, in Colorado this time. I saw lots of big sky highway.

And I got to spend some wonderful time with friends. Quilting and laughing and being.

Filled up the well of creative inspiration as well as Quilting sister and friend treasured time.

What more could a girl ask for?


On the third day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me (2017 version)

More quilting time with friends!

After a retreat in the winter, and an excursion to Phoenix for quilting, I made it to Virginia for…. You guessed it – more quilting with friends!

It was wonderful to see and reconnect and hang out with very dear friends in Virginia.  I was part of their spring quilt retreat for the guild I still belong to in NOVA.  Wow – what a wonderful time.  I won’t say that I was incredibly productive, because….  I wasn’t.  I did get some quilting done on my visit, but alas, it was very much about friend time and getting that infusion of quilting sister time.

I really am fortunate to say I have quilting friends all over North America.  And, I learn from each one of them, and glean enthusiasm and energy, I also am comforted by the familiar banter, and new friends joining in the fun.  Laughter until we cry, hugs and smiles, and become updated with each other’s journeys through life.

On the second day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me (2017 version)

I feel like this is almost like the quilt version of Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags” from the Big Bang Theory TV series.  Well – not quite.  I didn’t convince any significant other to help host a web series of “Fun With Quilts”.  Lol.

Okay – a little diversion for December.  My quilt adventures did include a fun retreat with friends earlier this year, and I did have great fun enjoying the snowy weather, along with getting some quilting done.  It was a mixed media group of friends – everyone was working on something different, with a couple of us working on quilting.  It was great fun getting to quilt with a dear friend from high school.  It almost felt like time had stood still with us visiting.  It was nostalgic, but oh so cool to think that XX years later, we could get together and quilt.  Not exactly what we had envisioned in high school.  Notice, I did not put the exact year in.  Attribute that to it being over 2 digits in years ago when we used to hang out together.   This is also due to the fact that if I distract myself by reminiscing, I’ll never finish this blog post (refer back to previous blog post about what I learned in my 40’s).  Lol.

A fun fact about that weekend was that my friend’s daughter was to join us, but was unable to make it.  The very first quilt I completed was a gift for my friend’s daughter when she was born.  It blows my mind that we have come full circle and both enjoy quilting now, even bringing it to multiple generations, and that the “threads” of friendship go beyond the memories we shared in the past.

The focus on quilting this year really was about the experiences, moreso than the level of completion.  Albeit I did get a few things done, but the richness of the time came from laughter and creating new memories.  The quilts continue to be carried from one activity to another, gaining depth and soul from each moment of unfolding, discussion, and adding a few more stitches.

On the first day of Christmas, my true quilt gave to me.. (2017 version)

Okay – so I am officially a day behind, so there will be 2 blog posts today, or maybe I’ll just combine the two.  I am taking a page out of another quilt artist’s book – blogging daily for a month.  I did this last year – for a lot of personal success I would say.  Let’s try this again, forgiving my tardiness from yesterday.

I started a new job just over a week ago – another leg of my journey.  I needed a “reset”.  And, I am enjoying the journey.  It always teaches you something about yourself.  And, I can use this daily reflection for a recap on how my quilting journey has gone this year and what this has taught me about you myself as well as my quilting.

First and foremost – many of my vacations this year surrounded quilting.  It was purposeful. I don’t belong to a local quilting group yet (yes, my own fault, and several excuses as well) and so I spent some time with quilting tribes at other locations.  I needed the infusion of the quilting tribes that I am a part of.  Some of the tribes are small, with membership in the single digits, while others are larger groups with much different energy.  

My first quilting expedition involved joining a dear friend in Phoenix for some days of fun in the sun, great visiting, and some piecing a project that we are both doing.  Her version is going to be very lovely.  Some greens, burgundy, taupe, pinks….   Mine – lots of wonderful batiks in purples and oranges, and colour.  Lovely colour.   I’ve blogged about this project orviously.  This is a long term project.  Not one for the faint of heart.  Mind you, it will result in a queen sized quilt. 

The link to an image is here :  Tula Pink Butterfly

It will be great fun….  But the process and time spent with friends is even better. 

More tomorrow on my 2017 quilt adventures….  

What I learned in my 40’s – month 2…..

So beyond the gray hair that we all seem to look forward to, other things that have changed as well.  

My mind.  I think most women at least my age have experienced how their minds have changed.  We are all experiencing some challenges that our bodies are throwing at us.  I’m not sure that I feel that the physical changes outweigh these changes in my mind. 

I have experienced this whole “losing my mind” scenario many times.  There are moments of complete clarity – I can recall so many more things, and recollection of past activities, short term memory is sharp, and long term memories readily recalled.  However, I have had those moments – particularly in meetings where I know what I want to say, but I can’t remember what I wanted to say.  I can’t identify that writing implement on the table.  I know it is carbon lead wrapped in wood, can be sharpened to a point, can be erased, and often an eraser is attached, but do you think I can remember the word “pencil”?  

I was facilitating a meeting one day when I had the misfortune to “lose my mind” in front of a client.  It was a small group, and Ihad not made lunch arrangements, but thought we could easily as a small group walk over to the closest restaurant within the building I worked in.  As we got to the point in the meeting to discuss meal opportunities, I couldn’t recall the name of the restaurant, or the word “restaurant”.  I could describe where it was located.  I could describe that we could eat there.  One of the meeting attendees took this very well, and said “is this like charades?”  Graceful recovery was not to be had.   I did appreciate the humour of the situation.  Lol.  What I could recall of it anyways….   😉

You know when you have words on the tip of your tongue, and they just can’t come out? Well – I have bitten that tongue, burnt it, eaten spicy foods that I swear cost me some taste buds. Well – in this case, the words are lost – maybe in the part of my tongue that can sense salty foods? All I know is, that I haven’t lost all of my faculties. Sure feels like my mind is trying to test me on that, and maybe test my sense of humour as well – along with those around me. 

Silver moments?  Enjoying amnesia and déjà but at the same time?  Hmm…  I haven’t quite figured out what the reference should be.  And, I have forgotten what other people have suggested this “affliction” can be called.  

Some of my friends that have been through this stage of life tell me “your mind does come back”.  I really wonder to what extent that happens.  If it does, I am not likely going to remember what it felt like when I really did have my mind…..  If that state of mind was ever present…..  I’ll just laugh my way through it for the time being….  

What I learned in my 40’s….

In September I officially hit my last birthday while I was in my 40’s.  In celebration of starting my 50th year on this planet, I decided I would blog monthly on what I learned while I while i went through the last decade. 

The first thing I’ve learned is that I have earned the gray hair I have.  

I’m really lucky because I don’t have a lot of it yet…..   and Mother Nature thinks I deserved to have a distinctive patch of grey.  It’s kind of funny that people pay to have the kind of unique grey highlight that I have not exchanged money for. 

I likely have exchanged time, stress, challenges, sadness, happiness and joy for this feature.  But I have learned other things about this grey hair. 

It’s coarse.  It has a mind of its own. It is very white. It stands out against the rest of my natural hair colour. 

I own it.  It represents a badge of honour for making it this far and I’m proud of it.  The coarseness is similar to the sharpness of some of the experiences which I am assuming have contributed to its presence.  

The wildness and inability to be tamed with conventional methods reminds me of the enthusiasm and freedom of my 20’s.  The colour or clearness of the colour is symbolic of some of the clarity I have gained through my life.  Clarity I did not have about who I was 20+ years ago that I have now. (White is all colours combined.  It’s like a culmination of all of my experiences thus far expressed in colour.  Those who know me know I love colour and celebrate it at any opportunity. )

So even though my unruliness of my grey hair can be a bit vexing, I’m embracing it. My 40’s have been good to me.  I’m excited to see what is ahead of me. 

Anxiety and its place with us all

I was reminded about the topic of anxiety today when I was driving home from work and was listening to the radio host discuss a study which mentioned many people (particularly millenials) who now don’t like use a phone or a doorbell.  

One subject even mentioned that he didn’t even know if his friends had a doorbell. Instead of ringing a doorbell to announce you have arrived at someone’s house, this person texts their friends to tell them they are just around the corner, encouraging the friend to open the door and let them in, avoiding the anxiety of ringing a doorbell. 

It made me think about anxiety,  as I definitely have experienced my share of this at one time or another, and I began to think that this behaviour further distances the portion of the population that do not have smart phones or text.  I also think that this technology and being plugged in actually encourages anxiety.  The need to answer a text back immediately. The need to know who is at the door or who is calling.  Our smart phones and other technology provides us with the information that we know who is calling us, and further distances us from human contact. 

I really question that this behaviour encourages social interaction. It feels like we are protecting ourselves further from the world and doesn’t support the learning of how to deal with those situations and become comfortable dealing with the unknown.  

This is just a point of conversation. But I know for myself, I feel the need to keep up with technology creates its own anxiety.  It’s own feeling of not belonging.  What are we doing to ourselves?   

Anyways, my thoughts on a rainy evening.  Typing on my iPad.  Ironic isn’t it?  😬.