I am definitely not ahead of the game this year….

Although, I am ahead of buying some gifts.  I do try and pick up things all year long, especially during some of my travels.  So, I feel like I am ahead of part of Christmas.  But, behind on baking….  making….  Oh well.

I am attempting to embrace this, and actually try to figure out how I can not continually overfill what I think I need to accomplish.  I know there are times when I call a “Hail Mary” and I will go a quicker, less onerous route to get something accomplished.  Or I will just abandon the expectation.  I guess that is my prerogative, since I have adopted the expectation all by myself.   And, I’m really good at adding to my “to do” list.  Like really really good.

If I ever feel like the end of the list is in sight, I rapidly seek out a bunch of additional “fun things” I want to do.

I can probably be accused of never being content with just “being”.

So… maybe that’s something to focus on for 2020.

One thought on “I am definitely not ahead of the game this year….”

  1. The good news is that Christmas isn’t about any of that baking, making stuff. It’s about the love in your heart that motivates you, gives you the wanting to show out that love with gifts of time and food. Go with the love and everything else will fall into place. 🙂


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