Blog Challenge Day #3

I think I’m slowly getting back into this… It’s been quite a year, full of some adventures, travel, great times with friends and family. I realized a couple of months ago that OMG – this upcoming year is 2020.

I do like to take the end of the year to assess the current “state of affairs” and see what I want the upcoming year to look like. And, with all of a sudden realizing that it is the marking of another decade.

So… a quick review of the past decade.

I moved back to Alberta from Virginia late in 2010. Bought my first place (by myself) and moved in early 2011. Am on second job after moving back.

Do I feel like I am more comfortable in my own skin now than I was before – yes, definitely. I am however, feeling more fearful. My own mortality definitely slaps me in the face a little more regularly.

I am incredibly fortunate. I still have a grandmother alive. It really is quite astounding I think…. My parents are in relatively good health. My brother and his wife had a milestone of their own with celebrating 25 years together. The family farm when they reside was awarded the designation of “Century Farm” this year.

My nieces have grown up to amazing women.

I have had several relationships over the past decade. I am lucky to be spending my time with a wonderful gentleman who shows incredible patience.

I am taking a bit of a moment to breathe in gratitude for this past decade.

So what are my plans for the upcoming decade? Hmmm… some exploring to review in a future post… I’ll leave this one with some pictures from a few of the travels of the year…..

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