Blog Challenge – Day 1

So…. I really appreciate Cheryl Sloboda’s Blog once a Day for 30 day Challenge. It gets me back into this habit.

So… I may be a bit late in the day for me to get this first one done, but here goes…..

I have been thinking quite a bit about blog posts. I often have these amazing epiphanies while I am trying to fall asleep… and then of course, I don’t just take the time to make notes…. I just trust that my 51 year old brain is going to recall that eureka moment. Ha. Was I mistaken.

Oh well – onwards and upwards.

Went for a wonderful walk this afternoon. It was a beautiful day. And, I’m finally getting used to a bit more winter. And, I’m not freaking out about how many Christmas gifts I have to make. At least not yet.

So – one of the thoughts I have been mulling over is how I am constantly looking forward to the next experience that I don’t revel in the present. I’m really not that great about it, unless I’m cooking. Or even sewing. Something that I have to focus on because if I don’t, things happen. Like mistaking caramel sauce for turkey. Just saying…..

So – something I will endeavour to allow more thought on.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Below are images from the walk this afternoon….

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