Chasing peacocks is a reality. 

Mothers Day inevitably means a trip to see my parents and my grandmother. Especially since I moved back to Alberta, it has meant the annual pilgrimage. It coincides with enjoying spring on the farm, my fathers birthday, and my nieces birthday.  

This past trip also involved a jaunt around the farm yard looking for an elusive juvenile male peacock who had ran away during earlier attempts by my parents to corral him back into a safe pen. I heard all about the bursts of speed by both parental units in the quest to save this bird from what could be an unlikely demise. 

My father asked me if I could take some time wandering around looking for this bird during a cool spring evening.  During my travels I got to traipse through my mothers budding garden, around old fences, and really get some fresh air. 

No peacock was found. I guess he made an appearance the next morning, much to the chagrin of a hungry coyote, but the relief of my mom. 

I did enjoy the emergence of spring and wanted to share some of those sights. 

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend!


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