Progress on a quilt…. in a wonderful place!

I promised that I would share some of my progress after a weekend away at a wonderful B & B north of Evansburg, AB.  Rustic Ridge Ranch.  It was a really awesome time, with some fantastic friends. 

We all relaxed, ate some amazing food, and shared each other’s company while we were each creating.

I brought 4 different quilting projects with me, and one knitting project.  I will take pictures of the knitting project later – but as a side note, I love the yarn I am using.

So I brought a table runner to finish that I had started a year ago.  Well, I didn’t finish it.  I realized when I got everything laid out, I hadn’t made enough copies of part of the pattern I needed to cut some things out.

Two of the other quilting projects I brought were all block exchanges for 2 different quilts.  I was considering laying one of them out, but I knew I wouldn’t get very far at either of them.  So, I will have to find another large floor to lay them all out on to figure out the rows.  

I did bring along the quilt that I was showing in a previous post the pattern and the fabrics.  

I got all of the strip sets and other squares/ triangles cut out.  

I tried out one strip set and got it pieced and cut using the special ruler. I also got one half block together. 

I proceeded to get a strip set from the other colours done and cut out. 

I now have some half blocks from the other strip sets finished. I still have to trim all of these blocks. 

I tend to usually assembly line my quilting. I will do a bunch of sewing. Then I will go and press. The back for trimming and more sewing. As I was with some friends, I was quite excited to see how the blocks are going to start looking so I deviated from my system a bit.  I actually am finishing that it is a bit chaotic now with my project.  I am at a few different spots with several blocks.  It may take me some time to “recover” my system, but it was worth seeing some of the colour.  

All in all, I am really excited about the colour. I think It will be really fun. 

What do you think?


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