Projects in my immediate future….

I’ve been thinking about the kinds of projects I want to work on more for this year.  

I have a few trips planned – all around quilting.  And, the cool thing is that I can chose what I want to work on.

I think I’m getting a good balance of new projects worked on, as well as trying to finish up some UFO’s.  And, I can say that I feel more balanced about what I am accomplishing.  

If I finish up a couple more projects in the next couple of weeks that are well “seasoned”, it will definitely feel like 2017 is heading in a great direction.  

For instance, I am heading to Arizona soon to hang out with a good friend, and do some quilting.  Before I go,  I do want to get the project completed that her and I started in a class for almost a year ago.  

That project isn’t as seasoned as some others, such as the frog quilt I have been working on for the last couple of months in between other things. 

Even though the AZ project is still of a relatively young vintage, it will still be extremely satisfying to complete.  

The list of accomplishments includes a few petal bags completed that I spoke about in my last post.

I’m starting to get more excited about working on the quick curve project I mentioned in my last post.  

I looked at the fabric selection again tonight – this is definitely going to be started this weekend.  I’m really excited.  I haven’t done a “rainbow” array of colour in a quilt for quite awhile.  

I’ll give an update of progress – as it gains traction, and to really think about my process as I complete a quilt.  The past week or so – has been a bit of rumination about the project.  I’ll let you know what the next phase really is all about for me. (And it hopefully won’t be about procrastination.  )

Happy quilting!  What things are you working on these days?


2 thoughts on “Projects in my immediate future….”

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to balance the projects, isn’t it? I feel like my impulse is always to choose what is visible, or what is easiest. At the same time, I always have projects I want to do that are NEITHER of those!

    Right now I have 3 things actively in process. One is the Delectable Mountains quilt. It is quilted, and the binding is on the front. I’ll hand-stitch the binding down. One is a “mystery” project my small group is doing. It needs to be quilted, and I’ve started getting it prepped for that. And one is my red and white medallion. Yesterday I got a good running start at the center block. However, today I’m taking a class, so I won’t make much progress on it until later.


    1. Sounds great Melanie! I am reluctant to actually admit to the amount of projects I have started and are unfinished. However, I am actively working on probably at least 4. Sounds a little too distracting. And this weekend I am bringing 3 different projects to work on. I am hoping to get one top done, and well on my way on a the mini ring quilt. I do have a few that I have a hard time continuing on. Although the frog quilt I did start over 10 years ago I’ll bet. And so for me to start working on it again and be loving it now- I think that’s fun to see how my mindset has shifted. Balancing projects- I definitely do that and it sounds like you too! I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re progressing too! Cheering you on for being an accomplisher!


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