Planning a new project

Happy Sunday Evening!

I have been planning a couple of new projects – One for small gift bags that can quickly go together.  

Another – where I want to try out a new ruler and associated pattern that I just received a couple of weeks ago.

I was thinking if I document how my process goes – and by the way – would love some suggestions as to how you start a project – it would be extremely helpful.  

The gift bags – are planned to be given away to several different friends – so spoiler alert if any of you are at a retreat with me this year – you may receive one of these – or a facsimile of such.  

I am using the pattern on the link Petal Bag.  It is a fun pattern – I have done it before.  I can’t find the bag I did before, but below are the pairs of fabrics that I have chosen to use.  I think they are kind of fun.  I am trying to break further into my stash.  I don’t think this is far enough…. But it’s coming.  

The other new project – a small quilt – I am considering using as a baby quilt.  (See pattern and ruler below).  

I have thought about using a light fabric for the background, and using a rainbow of colours for my rings.  I haven’t decided on what colours to use for the triangles – maybe some bright colours, maybe a couple of greys….  What would you do.

I put my current selection of fabric below.

I have found that taking photos of the fabrics together really help me see them in a different way.  Another way is to look through a door viewer / peephole.  I

Now, I ruminate on my fabric selections.  Doesn’t mean that my first selections aren’t right, but I find it a useful practice.  How do you proceed?  

I was considering using a dark fabric as a background – would be extremely dramatic, but I don’t think I want this to be too dark – especially if it ends up being a baby quilt.  

What do you think?  

Happy quilting in the week ahead!


6 thoughts on “Planning a new project”

  1. I love reading about your process! When I start a new project (since you asked!), I clear a horizontal space in the studio and vertical space on the design wall. I try to dedicate some time and energy to birthing the idea so that I can break up the making process into bite-sized chunks. Lots of time up front; chunks of time as I go on. I can’t wait to see what you do this lovely spread of hand-dyeds.


    1. Thanks Cyndi! I really appreciate hearing about your process too! And it reminds me that I didn’t mention I also clear a space. Ha ha! I need to! Helps clear the way for the new project! I haven’t even opened the pattern yet! And most of the time, I don’t look at the directions before I gather fabric. A bit free spirited I call it! Lol. I am excited about the rainbow effect of colours and actually really want to make some for my stash. 😊. What is your favourite part of the process?


  2. I usually start either with the design idea or a bunch of fabrics. At whatever point the fabrics come in, I start by pulling all kinds of things that might work together. I try to go through all my bins, which are sorted by color, and I pull everything that strikes me as a possibility. (In truth I usually ignore some bins, if I know pink or grey or … whatever color isn’t going to be involved.) If it’s to be a medallion quilt, then I pick from that set some things for the center. As I work through the different borders I both put fabrics away and pull more out, as the look of it becomes better defined.


      1. 🙂 One of the things I really enjoy is putting some of the fabrics away when the project is about midway done. Since you ask, and since that was the first thing that occurred to me, I have to wonder why. Perhaps it’s because that is the point when the project is well enough defined, that I have a pretty good idea of what will or won’t be used. Until then maybe my vision is not strong enough to see it. ?? Good question, medium answer…


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